• Fashion Market

    Fashion Market

    Fashion Market is a platform for young up and coming designers that lets them sell locally designed and manufactured apparel for...

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  • Daopezt


    Daopezt Pty Ltd is a  technology organization that support  business strategy. Daopezt focuses first on the strategic needs of our clients’ businesses to...

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  • Computer Programming Awareness For Girls

    Computer Programming Awareness For Girls

    The CAF4G foundation provide computer-programming literacy to High/Secondary school girls in South Africa and Nigeria. This is to afford the...

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  • Harmony Energy

    Harmony Energy

    Harmony Energy is a wholly black-owned engineering and finance consultancy focused on delivering sustainable energy solutions to South African businesses....

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    The ZICOPA website project was mainly focused on developing a highly interactive and responsive website for a talent scouting organization. “Africa’s is...

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  • Life Destiny TV

    Life Destiny TV

    The Life Destiny TV website project was mainly focused on developing a highly responsive and informative TV channel website. Life Destiny TV is a...

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  • Imbokodo Innovations

    Imbokodo Innovations

    Imbokodo Innovations is market-leading and global managed skills development corporation with a comprehensive reputation for delivering innovative business to business...

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  • Pure Digital Solution

    Pure Digital Solution

    The Pure Digital Solution website project was mainly focused on developing a very elegant and responsive website for a consulting...

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  • Cyber Security CoachLab@Hub

    Cyber Security CoachLab@Hub

    This project was mainly on training the 2016 CoachLab@Hub interns and preparing them to their internship journey. It focused on unpacking...

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